San Francisco could be a hub of pleasure, and therefore the cultural, business and money heart of northern California. Town is that the 13th most inhabited within the U.S. however has the second highest population density within the county, with only New York being busier. The town shot to fame in 1849 because the home of the Californian gold rushes that at the time created it the most important city on the west coast. The city is filled with history, nice neighborhoods, parks, beaches, museums, and a full host of amusement choices and things to try and do.


San Francisco’s most renowned city district community is at fisherman’s wharf. Here you'll expertise some fantastic food and luxuriate in a number of the simplest feeding the planet has got to provide. There are outside stands marketing recent Dungeness crab or varied connoisseur restaurants marketing the freshest of fish from that days catch. From here you'll also commit to precede many various tours of the world as well as seaway, walking, boat and plenty of a lot of.


1.5 miles off the shore of San Francisco is Alcatraz Island, this little island was developed as a military fortification, a military jail in addition as a federal jail. The foremost renowned being the federal jail. This was between 1933 and 1963.the thinking behind the federal jail was that the prisoners who caused continual bother at different prisons would be bolted over here. Several disreputable prisoners have stayed here as well as al Capone and Robert franklin Stroud.


Aquarium of the bay is settled on the city district of San Francisco. Here you'll fancy a memorable expertise as you return face to face with the native marine life. The storage tank incorporates a mission to shield the bay and therefore the animals that board the bay. Once you area unit within you may see 300 feet of clear tunnels that are filled with 700,000 gallons of water. This water sustains 20,000 animals from the bay and close areas. You'll return face to face with a leopard shark and be spellbound by the walls of jellyfish.


The best time to go to San Francisco is late might or June, once the hills are greenest and lined with wildflowers, or in October and Nov, after you is fairly positive of excellent weather and reduced crowds.


The nearest major airport is San Francisco international airport (SFO / KSFO). This airport has international and domestic flights and is 13 miles from the center of San Francisco, CA.

Another major airport is Oakland international airport (OAK / KOAK), which has international and domestic flights from Oakland, California and is 21 miles from San Francisco, ca.

Norman Y. MINETA San Jose international airport (SJC / KSJC) has international and domestic flights from San Jose, California and is 45 miles from San Francisco, CA.

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