About Air Canada

Regarded as the largest airline and the flag carrier of Canada, Air Canada is one of the prominent airlines in the world too. The airline was founded in the year 1937 and is currently the tenth largest passenger airline in the world in terms of the size of the fleet. The airline operates from its hub airports in Canadian boundaries, which includes Calgary International Airport, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport. The airline has a good domestic and international flight network globally.

The Air Canada Airlines joints 11 other carriers in the world as the only some airlines which fly to all six populated continents in the world. The operating divisions of the Air Canada Cargo comprises of, Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge.

Services & Amenities


Passengers traveling by Air Canada in Signature Class are offered meals which are enthused by the destinations one is traveling to, such as Chicken Biryani, Dim Sum and Moroccan Tagine for flights to Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Passengers of Air Canada flights can be flexible with time they desire to eat, that means that they are not predetermined to eat at the time of eating schedule.

In-Flight Wi-Fi

Passengers traveling by Air Canada flights can check their e-mails, and get connected to their favorite streaming services and can browse the web when they are using Air Canada Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi in Air Canada is obtainable on the select aircraft and routes that comprise of services within the boundary of North America, to the international and Caribbean flights.

Baggage Policy

Passengers flying with Air Canada reservations in Air Rouge or Air Canada Express and flights organized by Jazz, Air Georgian, and Sky Regional, are permitted to bring a single standard item and one personal luggage on board.

Checked Baggage

Passengers can take utmost weight of 50 lb per bag (23 kg) and utmost linear dimensions per bag 62 in (158 cm).

Carry-On Baggage

Passengers can carry their jacket or coat, small purse, scrupulous need or infant care item comprising a small folding stroller. For further information contact us.

Class of Travel

Economy Class

The Economy Class of Air Canada Airlines is separated into two dissimilar classes depending on the routes of passenger’s flights. Passengers can also take pleasure in Duty free shopping, USB port for charging their electronic devices and power supply is also accessible as well as the Air Canada’s own enRoute magazine.

Business Class

Passengers traveling in Air Canada Business Class from anywhere in the world can take pleasure in an exclusive full-service check-in space featuring contented seating and dedicated self-service check-in kiosks. The enthusiastic priority check-in counters for accelerated services are obtainable at all of the airports. Passengers can speed all the way through security via exclusive access lanes at security screening points.

Check-In Information

Online Check-In

Online check-in can be done through the website. Besides, all you need to do is fill up your flight details 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled flight time.

Airport Check-In

Passengers are requested to reach the airport well ahead of their departure time for domestic flights. Normally you need reach the airport 2 hours before your flight time to get yourself done with further check-in.

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